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Functional Fitness Training Center
Class Schedule

5:00am- Functional Fitness 
6:00am- 16 minute Abs
5:30- Functional Fitness 
6:30-mobility and flexibility 

5:00am- Functional Fitness 
6:00am- Functional Fitness 
5:30pm- Functional Fitness 
6:30pm- Functional Fitness 

5:00am- Functional Fitness 
6:00am- Functional Fitness 
5:30pm- Functional Fitness 
6:30pm- Functional Fitness 


Thursday ​

5:00am- Functional Fitness 

6:00am- Mobility and flexibility 

5:30pm- Functional Fitness 

6:30pm- 16 minute Abs


5:00am- Functional Fitness 



8:00am- Functional Fitness 

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Each class focuses on a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, cardiovascular, core, agility, flexibility, and mobility training. Our method of exercise focuses on combining functional, multi-joint movements that provide complete transference to tasks and skills required in our daily lives. What’s more, all of our classes are entirely different and have daily combinations that are unique as each new day in our lives. One day you may be learning how to climb a rope, and another day you may row for several hundred meters and complete a series of bodyweight exercises. Our specialty is not specializing. Therefore, if you are looking for a program that breeds fitness while preparing you for the unknown, this is the program for you.


Mobility and flexibility Focuses on several key areas:


Ankle flexibility/mobility 

Hip flexibility/mobility 

Spinal stabilization/strength 

Rotational strength/flexibility 

Elbow mobility 

Knee mobility 

Wrist flexibility/mobility 

Shoulder/pectoral girdle mobility/flexibility 

Static/dynamic stretching


These key areas of emphasis are the bedrock of our classes. While each class works will be different, the fundamental approach is to develop competency in the areas described above. This is imperative for our athletes, as much as our seniors.  Whether recovering from an injury, attempting to break a personal record, or restore normal range of motion, this program is for you.

16 minute Abs:


16-minute abdominal interval style workout that explores core stabilization and strength. Exercises, while varied, focus on movements necessary to develop a stable midline resistant to breakdown from the application of external loads. In other words, this class focuses on movements that strengthen any client whether fitness enthusiast or professional athlete.



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